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RoboCop 2014

Detroit, nearby future. The company OCP proceed with their plans for a gigantic construction on the grounds Cadillac Heights. Has there arise city of the future. Residents of the district are opposed to the project, which deprives them of a roof over his head. Into action forces OCP, destroying and burning houses. Among the inhabitants of panic breaks out. All flee in panic. In the general confusion enjoy gangs. In defense of the beleaguered population are humanoid robot-cop Robocop and his partner Anne Lewis. Similarly, as in the film prototypes, action series set in the near future. Detroit is a city overrun by crime, corrupt and dangerous. RoboCop, fearless lawman, again trying to prevent every evil ...Detroit, nearby future. City terrorize criminals. Powerful corporation is working on a police robot that would help restore order. Designers fall for the idea of ​​a hybrid - half machine, half human, that would combine the best features of the robot with the advantages of living a policeman. Opportunity to implement the plan happens when the gangsters massacre of the heroic cop Murphy (Peter Weller). Cybernetycy collect what was left of a police officer, and implanted with a mechanical body. In this way Supercop called Robocop. The film is set in the future, in the city of Detroit. Crime is in it at a very high level. The officer Alex Murphy (Peter Weller), during his patrol of the accompanying partner Anne Lewis (Nancy Allen), dies at the hands of a bunch of Clarence Boddicker (Kurtwood Smith). The prototype experiment OCP allows the company to use his dead body to create a flawless policeman - machines, so-called. RoboCop. The creators of this invention do not realize that they created cyborgu may doze human feelings.

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